Express Coin Listing for Coins listed on Exchanges


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  1. Must have masternodes that have been actively paying out > 24 hours.
  2. Must be listed and have traded on an exchange that we can extract an API from. 
    1. Examples include Cryptocompare, Coinmarketcap, Cryptopia,  CoinExchange, CryptoHub, SouthXchange, Btc-Alpha, Graviex, Mercatox, CREX24, BiteBTC, Stocks.Exchange, Escodex and/or Crypto-Bridge (no price change on API).
    2. We do not list coins that are conducting ICO or presale through Graviex or exchanges until there are multiple sellers.

.3 BTC – One-time Listing Fee coin will be listed on platform within 24 hours of receiving payment AND all requirements listed above being met.  

Listing will be up within the timeframe ordered – We do not give status updates or estimates. 

Please make a single transaction.  Payment processor adds few 1000 satoshis on top of the BTC Price, please pay in full based on the amount given for seamless ordering we’re trying to get this changed.

Terms of Service: (MNO) is a listing service.  The one-time bounty includes ongoing listing at on our end we must operate coin wallet  to derive accurate stats.  No refunds. 

MNO will tweet announce each coin’s listing.  MNO will not provide additional marketing for your coin for listing with us, but there are web banners available within our store.  

Updates of wallets, new exchanges etc. are the responsibility of the dev team for us to maintain wallets and stats.  Ongoing and critical wallet errors will may require a increase of bounty or delisting.

We reserve the right to remove listed coins for any reason we deem necessary.