Masternode Hosting Service promoted standard link for 1 Coin.



First host to purchase this listing will be listed First per coin and  Second purchase with be listed second, etc…

Standard Text appears under Links on identified coin’s Advanced Stats under a section called “Hosting:”

Listing is Non-Exclusive and limited to masternode hosting providers that host said coin.

Listing will be identified by “Hosting Provider’s name” and “Hosting” or “Platform”  – For example:  NODEshare Hosting  or NODEshare Platform


  1. Service providers name as it will appear
  2. Coin(s) – Can be sent in an spreadsheet.
  3. Hotlink  –

For multiple coins requests, please purchase larger quantity of this product in single order. 

Link will remain on MNO for the life of the service offering.

No Refunds.  Product does not designate partnership or endorsement from